About Us

About Us

Founded and led by Kenyan National, Nicholas M. Syano, Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) is a locally registered NGO whose primary goal is to promote sustainable development of resources of the dryland regions of Kenya in order to bring about improved livelihoods of the marginalized communities and people living there.




The organization equips subsistence farmers in drylands to restore their degraded lands and address the challenges of deforestation, falling agricultural yields, failing livelihood, water scarcity, loss of traditional knowledge and climate variability through permaculture and agro ecological best practices. To achieve this goal and the organization vision, DNRC is currently working with 900 households (about 5400 people) and 22 schools (about 5500 pupil) in the drylands of Kenya in the following programs:

Our Vision

Sustainable and resilient communities in the drylands.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable development in the drylands of Kenya in order to bring about improved livelihoods of the marginalised communities living there by sharing the best practices and delivering effective program related and not limited to: agroforestry, agro ecology and permaculture and culture regeneration.